Client Comments

August 13, 2013    

      I  was having trouble with my left leg, among other things.  I had to manually lift the leg with my hand in order to get it into the car.  The leg also was bothering me when I would sit for any length of time.  I spent one day at Relaxation Station and she worked on me 3 different times that day.  When Terry was finished, I could raise that leg way up, so that it was even with my hip.  That was in June and I am still able to raise that leg that high.

M. A. R.


A sore neck & back is not fun.  After the first massage therapy session I felt better than I have for years.  Now after several sessions I am standing straighter and no longer hurting.  I am amazed by how much knowledge you have of the body and how it all works together.  It's like magic!  I'm very happy we met.

B. M.


I love using your services


I just wanted to send you a quick note to say how much I appreciate the services you offer.  I come to you most times for Healing Touch.  It's amazing how it works.  I know you could go into detail explaining how it all works, but don't care how, just know it does!  I can feel the heat coming from your hands, & they aren't even touching me!  I always feel so much better when I leave one of our sessions, be it from Healing Touch, chakra re-aline, mind clearing, refocusing....

I have so much trust in you that I even brought my kids to you.



Mrs.  Loe,

      What a relief it is;  for nearly two years I was troubled with a sore neck, seriously sore.  Then I met you while sitting across from you at a fund raiser dinner.  It was my good fortune to ask "what is it you do for a living" and you introduced me to your massage therapy profession.  I exclaimed, "you may be the person I'm in need of".  Now after a few half hour sessions on your table I'm feeling better than I have in years.  Your knowledge and techniques can make a wonderful difference in a person's life.  Bravo!

R. M.




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